Linux PC emulation SDK problems


I’ve been trying to get the SDK_OGLES2_LINUX_PCEMULATION_2.06.26.0649.tar.gz SDK working on Debian Squeeze 32 bit. the GLES shared object requires a, which is an ancient version of the libtiff shared object and is nowhere to be found. I tried to do ln -s in /usr/lib, as suggested in various places found by Google, but the result is that neither the demos nor any of my own stuff start. At all. Not even main() is called, the executable stops immediately, with return code 0377 (-1).

Is there any known solution to this problem? Should I use a different distro? If so, which one?

Why does the GLES library depend on libtiff anyway? Its not as if one could load images with GLES…

Solved it. It wasn’t Symlinking to was fine all along.

I forgot to install libglut3-dev, libglew-dev, and glew-utils instead. It works now.