Need POD Format Details

I in the File 'PVRTModelPOD.h' I am trying to figure out how to extract the values need by structure;

struct SPODScene {
 VERTTYPE pfColourBackground[3];  /*!< Background colour */
 VERTTYPE pfColourAmbient[3];   /*!< Ambient colour */


Where does this come from in 3DS Max 2009? I am using 3ds max 3DXISDK &  VS2008 to write custom POD exporter. But I having lots of trouble figuring out where to get some of the values.


Do you guys have Source code for it so I can and customizations? Or better details for anyone wanting to extend POD format? I  know there is some stuff already in 'PVRTModelPOD.h & 'PVRTModelPOD.cpp' but it is not obvious where to extract some of the values from, namely that indicated above.


Please help and Thanks!

We write the PVRGEOPod exporter here, so we do have the source code for it. However, it’s not policy to release source code for the POWERVR utilities or plugins.

Our exporter doesn’t set the background value, I believe (but it can be set in PVRShaman, for instance). The Ambient value comes from the Max Interface::GetAmbient function.

In what way do you want to extend the POD format? We may be able to offer advise on how to do it…