noob question about CPVRTModelPOD

I must be totally lame cuz I can’t find any relevant information on using my 3ds max exported model (POD) with iphone touch events. I’ve looked through all of the training courses and they all run just fine, but none do any swipe detection or other touch events. I took a look at the pvrshell intro and I see that this might be where I need to start, but does anyone have any code snipets or samples where a 3d model has been loaded via CPVRTModelPOD and then further manipulated with gestures?


BTW, I wanted to add that I was able to easily get my model into the iphone using the PODintro trainging course. Now I’d just like to manipulate it.blamejane2011-01-16 02:15:16


nevermind, i am lame! I see the touches events in the code

Hi Valerie,

Glad you resolved the issue :slight_smile:

We do have simple touch input controls in our SDK for some platforms (iOS being one of those) to make it easier to add basic interaction into some of our tutorials and training courses (and of course, your own work), but the main purpose of the SDK is to highlight graphics techniques. For this reason, we only use very basic gesture detection as anything more complex would be beyond the scope of the SDK.