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POD Concern for Game


Dear Team,

i have real concern about POD,

Most developer use authoring tools to produce assets, pod export doesn’t allow to manage the hierarchy of mesh like you would like and sometime make it very messy when you have skinned character low poly, it became super hard (without talking about the setting in the bone weight badly documented ) to integrate.I am a great suporter of this tools and sdk but i am super not happy now when i compare how long it take to get things done, i then switched to qualcomm sdk , the fbx exporter and mesh tools, things where working in 5 minutes , no fighting and they event provide the source code !!!

in my Game Engine i manage different type of characteres, car, plane etc etcbut i have to make serious tradeoff because POD, i thought that the way it should be done…

after seeing Gameworks api and Qualcomm sdk , i think design of the tools should be seriously consider , except if the purpose is to write nice demo…not games…

anyway i spent my last nite fightting with the tools now, i prefer more efficient process that get the job done in 5 min wihout fighting at each step…

It s good to take some distance and improve…


a tired developer



Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you’ve not found POD to be suitable for your project.

Can you clarify which parts of our exporter, documentation and tools code you’re unhappy with? We’re working on a new framework for a future release. As part of this work, we will be revising the POD loading code and documentation. If there are any features or changes you would like to see, please file a Feedback item for each so we can easily track, roadmap and - hopefully - implement them.




Hi David,

Sorry to bug you. If there’s any specific Feedback you can give, it would be much appreciated. We’re ramping up efforts with our new framework’s development, so want to make sure your feedback is considered early in our development cycle.




Hello Joe

Sure , i provided some feedback in the past and i will continue of course.

i will write to you before tomorow.

Kind regards



Great - thanks David :)!