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Open Game Engine Exchange the format to Pod



Dear Team define a format and plugin (with source code) that extract a scene node exctly like it should be.

Why not use this format define by the Eric Lengyel the great ,that give all missing information omited by the pod plugin exporter interface. and could simply the 24 widget that make the user interface not that easy to use.

For instance for animation,charactere animation,bone weight and types and UV settings, parameters are set correcly (interesting to see the calls of the api source code).

Open Game Engine Exchange To Reloaded POD can be very cool

that do you think about this great idea ?




Hi David,

We spotted the OpenGEX project a while ago. I think it would be a great thing to support. I filed a feature request in our internal tracker at the time for PVRGeoPOD to support it (BRN47071). Unfortunately though, the feature hasn’t made it into our roadmap yet. If there’s enough developer demand for it, we may increase priority though.

I’d recommend filing requests like this through our Feedback system so other developers can up vote and comment on the ideas. This will make it easier for me to argue why a feature needs to be added to the roadmap :slight_smile:




Hello Joe

i just filled the feedback forms sorry about that.

Kind regards



Hi David,

No problem. We’re still trying to raise awareness of the Feedback system and increase traffic to it. If you have any feedback and about the Feedback system itself (e.g. how it’s presented, how accessible it is, anything else we can do to improve it), that would be really useful to hear from you too :)!

For the benefit of anyone else who happens to read this chain, here’s a link to David’s feedback: