PVR ENGINE should not have die ( part I)

Dear Team

Talking to people in this forum make me realize that the previous approach that you had using the PVR ENGINE was a very good idea.

it was :

Quick to test the workflow of creation

Quck to set the effect on material

Quick to visualize on the hardware

and there is recurring questions on the forum that PVR Engine could solve here.

So providing PFX, POD only as input is great.

Beginner Developer sometimes want to test their POD and material quickly on device .Test a particular effect or material settings.

it should be done in 5 minutes…(a competitor name QUALC…give even the source code of their exporter from FBX format (the best format))

The SDK is great and (fan 1 ) it s the best i v seen but it could be even better.

i know that you already say no…it s why i call this message part I :)))

Kind regards


Hi David,

PVREngine and the PODPlayer were removed from the SDK as we didn’t have the resources to maintain them at the time, and there didn’t seem to be many SDK users relying on them.

We’ve had a few requests to reintroduce them to the SDK, so it will be considered for a future release. We will increase the priority of this work as more requests for it come in.