PowerVR Series 1 PCX1 and Namco's Rave Racer port

arcade version:



This looked awesome.

It’s really too bad that Namco silently swept Rave Racer for PowerVR under the rug, as if it never existed.

There was never any formal cancellation.

If anyone here has some additional video or screenshots, I would love to see them.

Hi James,

Thank you for finding and sharing this, what a great piece of history for PowerVR!
If we can find anything else similar to this I will be sure to post it here.


I might still have the executable … just no machine (PC+graphics board) capable of running it. :frowning:

Also, it was pre PCX1. IIRC it needed a “MIDAS 1” or 2" board and PCX1 was Midas4

Thank you both.

Anything on the early history of PowerVR is of interest to me.

Also, I am looking for a copy of Intelligent Gamer’s Fusion magazine - May 1996.

It has an article:
*NEC Primes PowerVR For Homes and Arcades


Retromags doesn’t have it archived.

Can’t help you there. I do have some old “Edge” magazines buried away somewhere but I don’t think I ever saw “Intelligent Gamer’s Fusion