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GL_VENDOR: NEC Electronics
GL_EXTENSIONS: POWERVR_set_global_palette GL_EXT_paletted_texture GL_EXT_shared_texture_palette

I know I realize how obsolete and unsupported the PowerVR PCX-2 chipset is (and am aware of superior hardware), but I still have fond memories of this affordable piece of hardware that I can’t let go.  The latest drivers for Win9x are mostly in the March-Sept 1998 range, and only MiniGL drivers are available for 97-98 games (from (Q2test) to (SiN)), no OpenGL ICDs and nothing third-party was created either :frowning:

Finding stuff relating to SDKs and more technical info about the PCX-2

is extremely hard (i’ve only found win9x drivers and the same minigl

drivers). I know it lacked the blend modes to compete with Voodoo2 among its death, but that doesn’t mean it lacks its charm :slight_smile:

I know this doesn’t quite relate to PowerVR SDKs since this is entirely out of the current products range, but the nostalgia is irresistable to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried Quake3, it sort of looked recognizable, but things only drew with r_primitives 3 enabled and looked very warped (but it’s the only way it could draw anything at all , including the ui and console). No lighting either. What surprised me most was the framerates it ran - it scored 11.7fps average in FOUR with a PCX-2, compared to 18.1fps average with a KYRO II 64mb in the same machine.

I think the source code for the PCX-2 MiniGL driver is lost (I’m not sure if imgtec has it either, but this forum was the first google match for “PowerVR Forum” so I assume this is the most relevant place to ask) so I think the only way to solve this issue is to have a ‘correction wrapper’ laid on top of another wrapper to feed the old MiniGL, though I don’t know where to begin with having that.

I’m not sure what i’m even asking for. Thanks!



I have to reckon that PCX2 also brings fond memories to me: I joined IMG at the time that graphic card was launched... :-)
Possibly the Mini-GL drivers are somewhere in our source control repository but no way I will dig it up for you! Besides, I do not think I will be allowed to send it to you…

I pretty sure quake worked fine on PCX2. Anyway if you are that keen, this link might be of interest (first thing when googling quake pcx2):



carlos.sarria wrote:

but no way I will dig it up for you! Besides, I do not think I will be allowed to send it to you…


Dunno where the request of releasing confidential source code came from, I certainly wouldn't imply that... :S