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Project with powerVR SDK 2.0



I wuld like to know the steps for creating a new project

Great thanks!


What I did is to use the TrainingCourse example as template. It works well in PC version (Win XP).


I know that but i need to create my own project

rch wrote:
I know that but i need to create my own project


I assume you're referring to Visual Studio and will be using Windows PC emulation. If not please let us know the type of projects you're referring to.


To create your own project you just need to create a new empty Win32 Windows application project. Once the project is created you then need to setup any required include/lib paths and add the PC Emulation libraries. After this add your source files.


Anyway, as Renaissance mentions unless you're doing anything special it may be better for you to copy an existing project and rename it.




Scott2010-06-18 09:49:35