PowerVR Tools and SDK 2016 R1 is live!

New features include;

SDK – Framework

Our Framework now features a fully functioning Vulkan backend, as well as a number of improvements to the components – such as numerous CPU-side performance optimisations for PVRAPI, and a new embedded refcounted pointer for PVRCore.

SDK – Examples

We have now ported a variety of examples to Vulkan to demonstrate the new API. Also included is a demo specifically created to show a strategy for multi-threaded command buffer creation for Vulkan.

Tools – PVRVFrame

Fixed a host of reported issues.

Tools – PVRShaderEditor

Now supports the ability to select different compilers per shader.

Tools - PVRGeoPOD

Added support for 3DSMax 2016 SP2.

Tools - PVRTrace

Pixel analysis by default now works on the whole frame and not just up to the scrubber. An option is available in the preferences to make the pixel analysis work along with the scrubber. It also includes a full ‘Call Hierarchy’ which will show all a call’s dependencies at a point in time, and also now enables viewing of buffer object data.

The Tools and SDK can be downloaded through our Windows, OS X and Linux x86 installers.

If you would prefer to use git instead of our installers, you can grab the code from GitHub.
Native (C++) SDK on GitHub
WebGL SDK on GitHub
PVRMonitor (on-device profiler for Android) on GitHub

For more information, you can find the full release notes here.