PVRCarbon (R1,R2), Ubuntu 20.04 + Gnome - installing breaks desktop

We have found an issue with the installer of PVRCarbon (confirmed versions R1, R2). I haven’t found any mentioning of it on the forum. Basically, the installer (requires sudo) seems to be breaking the mime types and preventing the GTK from accessing themes, icons etc. As result, no icons or any other theme-related items display anymore and all UI apps crash. Reinstalling GTK and triggering shared-mime-types seems to bring everything back to normal. This behaviour has been confirmed on several PCs and is 100% connected with the PVRCarbon installer.

To Imagination: please, fix it. If the installer needs root access, test it thoroughly. With great power… and you know the rest.


Many thanks for reporting this. I have to reckon that we have never found this problem before when testing on Linux. You are right that the current installer requires sudo which should not be necessary. We will have a look to see whether we can remove it. We will also have a look to why it is messing around with the mimes types as we do not try to associate files any more. I will let you know what we find.

Best regards.


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