PVRShaderEditor Crashes on launch


I successfully installed PVRTune and such, but PVRShaderEditor outputs:

Error: could not load dynamic library: librui_5.6.0.x64.so

I cannot seem to find any package containing this shared library.
Do you have an idea of what package i am missing or anything ?

it’s the PVRshaderEditor 2021_R2 on Linux x64

Hi Antoine,

Thank you for your message, and welcome to the PVR Developer Forum!

We will try to reproduce the issue you are experiencing and report to the Tools Team in case we manage to do it. We will update you with our progress.

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Hi Antoine,

I’ve had a look at your issue and I was able to run PVRShaderEditorGUI through the command line with no issues. Before I could run it I had to have qtcreator installed so I would ask (if you don’t have it installed) to install that before trying to run PVRShaderEditorGUI.

If you still have this issue, it would be appreciated if you could post all of the errors (including extra information) that is outputted so I can get a full picture.

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your reply.
To give you more info, the full message after running ./PVRShaderEditorGUI:

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
Error: Could not load dynamic library: librui_5.6.0.x64.so

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I’m trying to run it on Ubuntu 18.04, I will try to ensure that my qt installation is complete and correctly installed.

Hello again,

So I’ve verified that my installation of qt is complete and correctly installed.
As the output of dpkg-reconfigure for each qt package is clean.

The version of qtcreator installed is 4.5.2-3ubuntu2:amd64 (Ubuntu 18.04)

And PVRShaderEditor still gives me the same output (about librui.so being not found)

May PVRShaderEditor require a more recent version of qtcreator ? (like >= 4.11 targeting focal ?)
Which version did you test ?

PS: Or If i may ask, is there any way to access the compilers in command line i could not suceed to do so

I’m writing a new reply because i’ve discovered something that might help solve the issue.

ldd and nm tools (to list shared libraries and binary symbols) didn’t reveal anything on a “librui” shared library.

However when i ran the “strings ./PVRShaderEditor | grep rui” it showed me:


Which suggests that PVRShaderEditor dynamically load librui_5.6.0.x64.so
Moreover now i know what this library is about: it seems to come from Revenera Intelligence C++ SDK

So the good news is I found what is missing for me.
The bad news is that it seems that this SDK requires some sort of registration.

I look forward to your reply

Hi Antoine,

Thank you for all your research and insight into this issue. I have informed the Tools team who will take action with this problem.

Kind regards,