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PVRTexTool for 3ds Max 9?




I downloaded and installed PVRTexTool, but the plugin for 3ds Max isn’t compatible with 3ds Max version 9 (32bit).

Fortunately the PVRGeoPOD plugin is the correct version for Max 9, but because the PVRTexTool plugin isn’t working I can’t export any PODs that reference PVR textures.

Are there any plans to compile a new PVRTexTool plugin for 3ds Max 9 32bit?



If your company doesn’t own a seat of Max 9, maybe you could release the source code so we could compile it for you?

As it stands I have to find an exporter that spits out good Collada XML, so I can assign bitmap proxies in Max, then find/replace them with my actual PVRTC2/4 bitmaps, then finally convert the Collada into POD. Could be a mess.

Thanks for listening!


Hi Eric, welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

We’re working on a Max 9 compatible PVRTexTool plugin for our next release in August. In the meantime, I’d suggest an easier workaround is to export as POD from Max and replace any textures by opening the POD in PVRShaman, editing it and then resaving it from there.

I’m afraid we can’t release the source code for the plugin, but if you have the Max 9 SDK it should be fairly easy to roll your own using a few functions from the PVRTexLib library, also provided in our SDK.

Hope this helps - if you have any further questions please ask,



OK, thanks for the reply! I didn’t expect you release code, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. PVRShaman is a good idea, will look into this.