PVRTexToolGUI 2.09 not work on mac?

i have 2 mac pc: one snow leopard, one lion.

when i doubleclick on PVRTexTool, this open terminal with seguent log:

Last login: Thu Mar 8 16:45:45 on ttys000

/PVRTexToolGUI ; exit;

localhost:~ sefiroths$ /PVRTexToolGUI ; exit;

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/X11/lib/libX11.6.dylib

Referenced from: /PVRTexToolGUI

Reason: image not found

Trace/BPT trap


any ideas?


Hi Sefiroths,

Judging by your error message, it looks like X11 isn’t installed. To run any of our applications, you currently need to have X11. You can either install the version that comes with your OS (which should be on your install disc), or use XQuartz, which is available here: http://xquartz.macosforge.org/trac/wiki

That should be enough to get you up and running :slight_smile:



thanks for the very fast answer!

i’ll try thanks!

now the error has disappeared. it opens the terminal, empty, and nothing more appearssefiroths2012-03-08 16:43:16

Hi sefiroths,

Occasionally the executables lose their executable status for Mac/Linux in transfer and I think that’s what’s happened here. If you open a terminal and use “chmod 777 PVRTexToolGUI” on the app, that should flag it as an executable and allow you to run it.



thanks now works well