PVRTrace v3.1 can't support Image Analysis for multi-context Application


I’m using PVRTrace to optimize certain 3D game on PowerVR SGX540

I just found Image Analysis fails when I open the dumped pvrt files

But I can capture & playback the same game on NVidia tegra 3 with NVidia PerfHUD/ES for Android

Do you have any plan for this basic feature when it’s be ready?




Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately our tracing tools and emulator were not originally designed with multi-threading and multi-context in mind. The reason we have such a problem with it is due to the fact that we do more complex data capture than most (for example, we generate per-frame render state so that each frame can be played independently). The render state capture is where most of the problems lie with our multi-context traces.

We plan to have this feature ready for our 3.2 release, which should be released in the Autumn. If you need something like this any time sooner for our hardware, feel free to send us an email and we may be able to provide a beta drop for you ahead of the actual release, though I can’t put a time frame on this at the moment.