sampler2DShadow supported ?

Dear team

i am trying to port Blurring Hard-Edged Shadows shader (

I tried to test sampler2DShadow in PVRSHAMAN as an experience but it fail probably using pfx is not the right approach as well ?

do you know if it is supported and how to activate extension in PVRSHAMAN (GL_EXT_shadow_samplers) by a declarative way ?

the shadow volume demo is not very performant even with low poly objects and the drop in framerate is huge.

any idea ?

kind regards


Hi David,

PVRShaman was designed to only support core graphics API functionality. I’ve filed BRN46455 for extension support to be added to the tool.

For now, I would recommend using your games rendering engine to develop and test any extensions you need.

I’ve filed BRN46456 for the performance of the ShadowVolume to be investigated.



thank you very Much Joe

PLEASE MAY YOU remove BRN46456 the shadow volum is in fact super performant as i can see, i made a mistake and was making the wrong call at the wrong place ( i was sleepy i work the nite).

many apologize about this !!! my engine is flying now and it s beautiful!!! woow !!!

Hi David,

Glad to hear you’ve resolved the shadow volume performance issues. I’ve closed BRN46456. Looking forward to seeing the game up and running :slight_smile: