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SDK 4.0: PVRTrace - Find results



A usability suggestion on the PVRTrace Find function (Ctrl-F).

With 3.5’s PVRTrace, find results were immediately displayed after the find operation, which is what a user would expect.

With 4.0’s PVRTrace find function, there’s no hint of what the matches are (if the Find Result tab isn’t enabled). And if the Find Result tab is enabled but not the active tab, that tab isn’t displayed after the find (that is the find results are still not visible on-screen; you have to pop that tab forward). Only if the Find Result tab is enabled “and” active at the time of the find operation do you see the search results. I see how it works now, but this isn’t very intuitive.

(Haven’t really had much time to put it through its paces yet though, but I’ll contribute more feedback when I do.)


Hi Dark_Photon,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve filed the following BRNs in our tracker:

[ul]BRN58411: PVRTraceGUI: The “Find Results” widget should be given focus when a search completes
BRN58413: PVRTraceGUI: Enable the “Find Results” widget when a search completes[/ul]


Thanks, Joe.