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Shader Compiler for SGX535 (Linux)


Hello Joe,

can you provide a Shader Compiler for SGX535 to me (Linux)? I also tried PVRUniSCo_SGX53x and was wondering why it does not write an output file.

Alexander Irion


Hi Alexander,

I’ve created a new topic for this conversation.

The compilers provided in the SDK are for profiling purposes only. If you email with more information about your target platform and also the data output with a “cat /proc/pvr/version” call on your target device, we can supply you with a suitable compiler.


Hello Joe,

I wrote an email to "" on friday, but did not get a reply yet.

Kind regards,


HI Alexander,

I’ve spoken to our IT team and your email had been blocked and deleted by our spam filter. Your email address has now been added to a safe list. Can you resend the email, please?



Thanks, I just send the email again.


… but still have no reply?


Hello Joe,

could you receive my email from yesterday in the meantime?

Kind regards,