Shader Debugging


I need step by step debugging of OpenGL ES 2.0 shader code runtime. Unable to find any tool or extension as such on Windows / Linux.

Is there any alternate way to achieve this ?

Hi uday,

Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately, we do not have shader debugging tools at this time. We do have an offline shader profiling and disassembly tool, PVRShaderEditor, that may help you.

I’m not familiar with the shader debugging tools other vendors supply and if any work with OpenGL ES. If you can’t find a suitable OpenGL ES shader debugger, it should be possible to use an OpenGL shader debugger with OpenGL ES applications running in our PVRVFrame emulator. With this solution, you would be debugging PVRVFrame’s stripped version of the GLSL ES shaders you uploaded to the emulator. They should be very similar to your original shader source though.

Thanks for the reply. Will look around for sometime.