the arm version of PVRTexTool and PVRTexLib

We are using PVR3D library hosted on OMAP3(beagleboard). We need to load ARGB bitmap and convert it into PVRTC format dynamicly.
There are only windows/x86 linux version PVRTexTool and PVRTexLib libraries hosted on beagleboard. The uptodate version provided by imagination technologies doesn’t provide arm linux version too.
So, when will the imagination technologies release the arm version of PVRTexTool and PVRTexLib libraries?

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We are currently working on the compressor and the new version may be released for ARM if we’re happy with the tests we carry out. This may not have them same level of quality as the current version. The current compressor is not suitable to run on embedded platforms, which is why no such library is provided.