WebM VP8

Dear Team

i dont know if it is in the scope of the sdk , but it will be super cool if the ShellApi could wrappe-up some WebM V8 Encoding functionnalities to generate video…

what do you think?

kind regards


Hi David,

We have no plans to add WebM support to the SDK at this time.

Can you explain what you’re trying to do with the SDK and WebM? Are you using it to play video in OpenGL ES?



Hello Joe,

no, no it s not to play video on GLES !!! but to produce video from the game or sequence of image and then upload it onto Youtube to show best action in a super racing games…i think for gaming it s going to be the thing to have.

i saw somewhere that you were able to take shot from screen so i started to think about this open standard.

i put it on the thing to do then (long list :slight_smile: )



Ah, I see. We try to keep the SDK as lean as possible, as our focus is to provide tools that enable graphics development. For this reason, this feature is beyond our scope.

It may be easier to use a dedicated capture tool to record a video rather than adding this functionality to your code base. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with any, but I believe there’s a good mix of free and commercial tools out there for this job :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you could use the screenshot feature built into the PVRShell framework with a frame-based version of your game to capture all frames, but I imagine it could be awkward to convert the BMP files into a video.



it s what i guess. it s pure investigation i am looking at ffmeg right now , but sure there is a lot to read on the web about it , i saw some android integration done as well.

Sure the SDK is very clean .

thanks alot.