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How to manually configure the Segment Index for layers in NNA application?


In DNN models, some layers are deployed on NNA by default with segment index 0. But I want to run these layers on HOST (CPU), with layer segment index 1.

I didn’t find the APIs in documents, also failed to implement this by edit map_config.json. So, how to solve this problem ?

Thank you in advance.


Our NNA SDK is currently under NDA so we prefer not to discuss it in a public forum.
Could you redirect your question to our Developer Portal?

Many thanks.


Sorry, but how to redirect the question ? Maybe you can delete this question directly and I will contact with our support team.


We have received a similar question through our Customer Support service so it probably will be better if you contact your support team.
If you want to talk to us through our Developer Portal, you only need to register and post a ticket.

Best regards.