PowerVR Tools and SDK v4.0 is live!

New features include;

SDK - Framework

Our Framework has been redesigned to provide a number of helper libraries at varying levels of abstraction to make the transition from OpenGL ES to Vulkan as smooth as possible. The Framework consists of seven components:


Additionally, the new Framework uses the popular glm maths library.

SDK - Examples

Our most popular SDK examples have been ported to the new framework to demonstrate how to use it effectively. We have also fully revamped our artwork.

Tools - PVRTrace

The shader analysis results now closely estimate Rogue GPU behaviour, enabling you to perform in-depth performance analysis off-line. Additionally the draw call widget now includes columns for the vertex and fragment processing cost of each draw. This makes it significantly easier to identify draws that aren’t contributing to the rendered image and to understand the processing cost of draws that are rendered. Android Extension Pack support has also been added to PVRTrace.

Tools - PVRTune

PVRTune adds support for a range of different hardware families, such as Series6 XE and Series5XE.

Tools - PVRHub

PVRHub now supports Android Marshmallow, and can function on Android TV.

Tools - PVRShaderEditor

PVRShaderEditor now features support for tessellation and geometry shaders. We have also added a new “Defines Override” dialog that allows you to enable, disable, insert, and modify pre-processor macros in your shader source on-the-fly.

Tools - PVRVFrame

Hardware profile management tools have been added to PVRVFrame for creating and managing user-defined device profiles.

Simplified licences

A number of community members asked if we could use an industry standard licence to remove the legal headaches that can come with integrating 3rd party source code. We are happy to announce that the 4.0 SDK framework, examples, documentation and associated files are now distributed under the MIT licence.

As part of our legal review, we have also simplified our PowerVR Tools licence.


The Tools and SDK can be downloaded through our Windows, OS X and Linux x86 installers.

If you would prefer to use git instead of our installers, you can grab the code from GitHub.

Native (C++) SDK on GitHub
WebGL SDK on GitHub
PVRMonitor (on-device profiler for Android) on GitHub


For more information, you can find our blog post announcement here and the full release notes here.

Happy new Year to all , very good release the tools work super well!
very good work !

an another superb release,could be cool to replace std::auto_ptr because it s deprecated…