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PVRGeoPod Blender + VertexColors



Hi there,

i’am trying to get into the PVR SDK for iOS and OpenGL Es 1.1.

At the moment i want to export a test scene from blender including the vertex colors that i added via vertex paint to the meshes.

In the Export Window i checked Normals and Vertex colours (in later attempts I also checked materials and mapping channels).

Then I took the existing OEGLESIntroducingPOD project and inserted my new POD.

The program works and also my Scene gets displayed but without vertex colors.

When i debug i can see that there are vertex colours present in the CPVRTModelPOD and that they are bound and should be drawn.

Do i do something wrong in the export or is vertex paint not the right method to put color on vertices or is the problem somewhere else to be found?

Thanks for your help in advance…





What format are you exporting the vertex colours in? For OGLES I believe you should be exporting using ARGB.