PVRGeoPOD vertex colour output issues

I am having some issues exporting vertex colours from a collada file using PVRGeoPOD. No matter which of the 3 colour export options I pick, the colours do not appear to be correct in PVRShaman. Currently I am working around this by exporting the colors as ARGB and swizzling them in the vertex shader as vertex_color.bgra. This seems a bit messy though, is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something here?

It may be a bug in PVRShaman where it’s not correctly interpreting the Data Type you’ve chosen in PVRGeoPOD (e.g. ARGB, RBGA etc.). You should be to verify this by right-clicking a mesh in the PVRShaman Scene Explorer & using the Open Data Viewer option.

If you send a POD that reproduces the issue to devtech@imgtec.com, we can look into this for you.